March 30, 2023

I will never meet you face to face,

for you live only in the balance of the stars,

you flow through my veins

and spark across the synapses

of brain cells –

you are the movement of the bee

from flower to flower,

you are the mystery

of words upon a page.


Winter Afternoon (Res Mirabile)

There is something I need to understand –

all day I have felt the weight of wanting

as I walked through the snow,

drank tea,

tried to rest –

seeking that larger truth

that hides within itself

smaller truths – .

Why do we live?

Why do we die?

why do cats like to hide in bags?

Why did the delivery man

leave my package on the steps?

My cat purrs,

the furnace hums in tune,

my crochet hook weaves questions

through and through.

/I have to trust that this space exists,

far from matters of bile and bowel,

where words gather themselves into thoughts,,

and fragments of mind music

rise to the vault of the skies.

there is no key –

entrance is granted

only by permission.