Some Thoughts On The Nature Of The Divine

For as long as humans have been capable of thought, we have tried to explain ourselves in relation to both our interior and exterior worlds, and to translate into meaning our idea of a god.  When I was about four I asked my mother “Who made God?” She could very well have replied “I made God.”, for my childhood God was the one that my mother created for me.  From that beginning I have progressed until now I too could say “I made God.” For each one of us creates God for ourselves.  And as I get older I realize more and more how little I know, and how little, as a human, I am able to understand.  I am sure we move in a constant direction towards “unknowing”, leaving a vast space within us waiting to be filled.  Because of our limitations we are all feeling our way through the darkness, holding our hands in front of us for protection against the unknown.

“We spend so much time searching for God, when really we should be searching for that tiny particle of ourselves that is within God.”