Autobiography, New and Improved

I have decided that I would like to be able to live my life backwards. With all my new-found wisdom, plus many years of experience, I might do a much better job. I will begin where I am now, knowing that in a few years time I will have a sudden attack of health. I will have to begin slowly to adapt, learning to use that extra energy, gradually finding out what I can do – I will be able to walk wherever I want, even take a narrow forest path, go climbing over rocks. I will go back to the Senior Centre, even though I know my time there will be limited (when I reach 54 I will no longer be eligible, I will be too young). My Tai Chi friends will be there, and I will enjoy singing in the Senior Choir. At home I will have a garden, now that I have the energy for planting and tending flowers. I can do volunteer work as well – look at the experience I have had being on the other side of the fence! I will be calm, patient and understanding. No depression this time; no hospital stays. I have skills to cope: music, meditation, writing. Ron and I will do some travelling, he can grow younger right along with me, and since I have decided not to be afraid to fly we can go to Holland and see the bulb fields in the Spring. When the time comes to have my children at home I will be a good mother. I won’t panic with every childhood ailment, and I won’t worry about how the children will turn out, because I already know, they are a success! Perhaps I could write a Mommy Blog! I know that I will greatly enjoy my own childhood, such freedom from responsibility, but none of the self-doubt. Long days of exploring in the bush, drawing, reading.  Finally I will find myself back in my crib, with all my needs met, nothing to do but lie back and be contented, or cry if I feel the need – but, now that I think of it, I will reach this point whether I am travelling backward or forward in  time, won’t I?


One thought on “Autobiography, New and Improved

  1. Living life backwards, What a great idea! I had thought of having another go, but this time being More measured and easy-going, appreciating all life’s joys as they come, but backwards i’d not thought of. I love the idea of a sudden attack of health xx


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