When I was twelve a friend of mine wrote this poem about me:

Melanie is so queer
Just like hard steel.
She’s always fighting with the lightning
Boy what a girl
And she has no curls.

Today is my first blog posting. I am not sure exactly where I will be going with this, but I think you and I will find out together. I am going to give you, now and then, some of my poetry (if you hate poetry, you can skip those). This won’t be a day to day diary, but I will share experiences with you at times. If I read a book I find really special, you will be hearing about it so that you can enjoy it too. I am still learning how to include pictures, so be patient with me on that. Don’t worry, I am not planning to bore you with daily pictures of my cats! Gradually this blog will come together. It is “a work in progress”.